Friday, November 30, 2012

Magnolia First Advent + My news

Our annual Christmas calendar will be up and running with start Saturday the first of December - DON`T MISS IT!
It will be really nice gifts every day and if you open the door and leave a comment on Magnolia DT day blog so you can participate in the draw for today's gift ...
Wish you all good luck the way.....I will spend my holiday in Australia with my family .......see you then.....have fun with all the thing you do !!!!!


Martinas Welt said...

Oh great to hear you will spend your Holidays in Australia! Wish I could come with you ;) Have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful holiday Ying, just to let you know it's been around 40C today in Sydney so pack your summer clothes
hugs julie P

Sol said...

I will for sure join in! .. :o)
And Wish you a Fantastic holiday with your family in Australia! :o)