Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ying's Interview Magnolia Blog Candy Giveaway~~

Edit: I received a lot of emails asking if I can change a bit my blog candy rules, because a lot of people don't have the chance to buy Magnolia INK magazine to view my interview as to join my blog candy game. OK, ok....let me think....I know you want to enter the game, thank you very very much. So, I change a bit the rules, if this caused inconvenince for you who entered before this, I want to say sorry....I just wish that everyone can enter and we have fun together:-)) So, please read the What to do section  below
Wow, did you noticed all these yummy and pretty blog candy are sponsor by Magnolia rubberstamps Sweden? They are so generous and willing to sponsor my interview's blog candy !!!!! Thank you very much Magnolia !! You are the best!!

All the rubberstamps are from Sweet Rainbow Collection which are :
Edwin waiting for Fish
Kneeling Tilda
Rocking Tilda
All the Magnolia doohickey dies are:
Butterfly dream scalloped Tag
Butterfly dream swirly butterfly
Butterfly dream Dream Tag
All mini patterned papers from Sweet Rainbow and Butterfly dream Collection
Blue and pink flowers,
various ribbon and lace
a strip of pearls,
a packet of pink berries stick( sorry, I am not sure what are the exactly name of this product,you can seen it on the above picture)
a small packets of pink brads

But, how to enter my blog candy game?
It's real easy.You need to have a blog and a new issue of Magnolia INK Magazine.I had been interview by Magnolia in this new issue of Magnolia INK magazine and I feel honour and proud, thank you very much Magnolia!!

Please read carefully to make sure you understand and do the right thing:-))

What to do:

If you have blog and the magazine, please
1) Comment on this post, let me know you want to win and which categories you are from, A, B or C:-))

2) Be my blog follower

3)Answer and email these questions to me, you can find the answers on my interview in the new issue of Magnolia INK magazine. ( Remember, please email me the answer, don't post the answers here:-))

a. When I purchased my first Magnolia rubberstamp?

b. What is my first purchase Magnolia rubberstamp's name?
My email is :

4)Please grab the above blog candy picture and advertise it on your blog and link it back to my blog.

If you have blog but don't have the magazine please:
1) Comment on this post, let me know you want to win and which categories you are from, A, B or C:-))

2) Answer these questions and email me at :

a). Who is the founder of Magnolia?
b) Which country is Magnolia from ?

3) If you can advertise my blog at your blog and be my blog follower, that will be great!.

If you don't have blog and magazine, please:
1) Email me these questions' answer and let me know you want to win and which categories you are from, A, B or C.

a). Who is the founder of Magnolia?
b) Which country is Magnolia from ?


How I divide the blog candy :

I will divide the blog candy into three categories and I will pick one winner from each category:

A) America ( US, Canada, South America)
B)Europe and Africa(sorry I need to include africa in these categories as the blog candy is just enough for three categories winners)
C) Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Each winner will get:
One rubberstamp and one Magnolia doohickey.

Then , from the three winners I will pick one lucky winner to win
Magnolia mini patterned papers
Blue and pink flowers,
various ribbon and lace
a strip of pearls,
a packet of pink berries stick( sorry, I am not sure what are the exactly name of this product,you can seen it on the above picture)
a small packets of pink brads

I hope that you understand what I written here:-))
This blog candy game will be fun and need your participating untill 30 July,2011, so you have plenty of time to have fun with us!! If you still don't have the new issue of Magnolia INK magazine, you can purchase it now as to check my answer and join the blog candy.

I will randomly pick the winners on 1 August 2011 and annouce it on my blog then. The winners need to contact me within 24 hours, if not I will pick a new winner.

Have fun and I am so excited and happy to have my interview's Magnolia blog candy !!


Teresa said...

Good Morning Ying, I read all of your interview when I recieved my magazine through the post the other day, I absolutly love Magnolia and I'd love to win one of your wonderful candy, I am from category B and I'm already a follower, off to email you now and add your candy to my blog
Thanks very much, Teresa. xx

Jan Scholl said...

As much fun as this will be for you, I cannot enter it. I don't get my issue until it shows up in stores here in Michigan until late August probably. I just got the spring issue in mid May, and its all doggie eared and loved. I just feel lucky to see your beautiful work every issue and someday maybe I will be just a bit like you, as you are the Magnolia stamp queen.

Dina said...

wauh , that's a nice candy and your interview was wunderfull. Iam from Luxembourg, so categorie B

Marcelle said...

I loved the new Magnolia Magazine with the DT interview.
I hope I win this wonderful candy!!!
And I am Category C...
Sent the email.
Everything done, crossed fingers and lets hope ;)

Hlora said...

I did nit read this Magnolia Magazine, because it is impossible to bye it here. I wish I had it to read your interview and see all the new goodies about the cardmaking.. Maybe I have a chance to win it..
I am from Russia. And I have not an idea what kind of cathegory I must say B or C.. I hope I can take part in this candy? I really a follower. goodies you offer. Thank you!
I linked it on sidebar.
hugs. Hlora.

My Little Corner said...

Hi Ying, I have read already your interview once I recieved my Magolia Summertime magazine *many times hahahaa .., I just love Magnolia now and I would love to win one of your wonderful candy, I am from category C as I'm living in Indonesia, I'm already a follower, will to email you as soon as possible and trying to add your candy to my blog

Start wishing .. :))

thank you for the change Ying,
Big Hugs,

celia said...

Hey Ying, Here in Belgium it is not easy to buy the magazine, but I always order it in our neighbor City! :) I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your interview. I too am a fan of Magnolia! I put you in my sidebar and keep my fingers crossed! I belong to category B (B for Belgium);)) and I'll send you a mail! Much love and have a nice day, Celia.

Chris said...

Oh Ying, thank you so much for the chance to win! You are so kind and very talented! I'm a Magnolia lover and would love to win your blog candy along with everyone else! :o) Thanks for the chance to win!

Helle said...

Hello Ying!
I've sent my answers to you and here I am sitting with my fingers AND toes crossed!


ashlee said...

Hi ying, thankyou for the chance at this fantastic candy...I would love to win it would be so great!! I am from catagory (C I have sent you my answers...Cant wait till the winners are announced, will be keeping my fingers crossed. Your interview in the magazine was fantastic by the way, very inspirational and a great read!! your work is lovely. thankyou kind regards ashlee

Carly said...

I can't get a hold of this issue yet (in Australia) but I do have the Spring special. It is the first time I have purchased as I'm only new to the world of stamping and Magnolia and even newer to blogging! Will email my answers ... once I find them :) Thankyou for the opportunity.

HildeM - Lykkelig med liten said...

Thanks for giving me the chance! I've sendt you an email!

Have a wonderful summer!


Bombi said...

Hi!I don't have the blog and magazine .I'm from category B. Of course I would like to win those beautiful things.I've sent my answers to you .
Thank you for the change Ying

Tracy said...

Hi Ying, It's was great to put a face to the name after reading your interview. I am category 'A' but am having trouble becoming a follower(gadget problem I think, mine's the same)and I don't have facebook. I have listed you on my blog list in my sidebar for now. Will check back later. Going to email my answers now. Thanks for the chance to win some of your gorgeous candy!
Tracy xx (Australia)

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Ying Thank you for the chance to win your wonderful candy I would love to win something.
I have put your link and candy photo on my blog, and I have read your very interesting interview in the Magnolia ink magazine and emailed you the answer to your questions.
I am a follower of your blog, your creations are lovely.
I am in category B as I live in the UK.
Thanks again for this chance
Hugs Susie x

Charlotte said...

Hi Ying!

Thank you for the chance to win! I really love your blog and everything you make. Especially with the magnolia-stamps. I would like to win one of those! I'm catergorie B, as I live in Belgium.
I'm a follower of your blog and will answer the questions by email rightaway :)
The blog candy picture is in the sidebar of my blog.

Keeping fingers crossed!

Kirsty-Anne (Kitty) said...

Hi Ying I love visiting your blog and wish I could read the magazine so I could see what stamp you first bought etc..I am in category B . I would like to win any of the prizes as they are all lovely. I am going to now email my answers and put your wonderful candy on my blog. Thankyou and congratulations on your interview.
Kitty :0)

maldis said...

I´m now your follower and I love your creations! Category B is mine and I live in sweden.
Crossing fingers for good luck.

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
i want to win ;)
i'm from catogorie B
i have a little suprise for you on my blog, hope you like it hunni
now i send you an email sweetie
have a great sunday
hugs angelique

Ng Ann Joe said...

Hi, Ying

I'm from catogorie C(Asia)
I'm your follow long ago because I love your card:)

My Handmade Expressions said...

Hello Ying,
I recently stared my blog inspired by amazing crafters like you! Thanks for the inspiration and for the awesome candy giveaway. I would love to win. I'm category A and your follower already!
Thanks and congratulations on your interview!

Paula said...

OMG, what beautiful candy you're giving away. Thank you for such an awesome opportunity, I would love to win :)
I'm in Category A (US)

Mandy's Magnolia cards said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!
what a gorgeous candy! thanks for the chance to win!

I enjoyed reading your interview!
hugs, Mandy

Chantal said...

Hi Ying, wat a great candy! I am a follower now of your blog and I will put your candy on my blog. Tomorrow I will e-mail you my answers (I am now at work hi hi hi). I am catogory B (Europe, The Netherlands). Good luck with your candy this month!
Greets, Chantal

Hobbydraken said...

Hi Ying, I really want´s to win this!
I´m from category B, live in Sweden :) I´ve sent you an e-mail with my answers, linked you from my sidebar and cross my fingers and toes for extra good luck :D

Love, Nelle

Zoe lim said...

Hai Ying, Thank You Ying ang Magnolia have a this candy give.I really like Magnolia.I want's to win this.
I hope i am the lucky one.(haha)
I'm from category C,live in Malaysia. I am a follower of your blog.
Thank You.

I pray to God,that i will win.
From:Zoe Lim Wan Yi

Maria André said...

I've just sent you an e-mail with the right answers ;)
I must say I run in the B-category as I'm a Swedish chick.
I just love the magazine, I'm running to the store everyday, sometines more than onece, 2 weeks befor it comes out to look for it (never knows the righ day)


polliewoppie said...

Hello Ying,

I've just ordered the magazine,so I'll reading your interview soon, I'm curious! I'm from Holland, so I'm from categorie B. I would love to win magnolia stamps or doohickey's, I love them! In a couple of minutes you will get mu email with the answers, I hope the answers are right!

grtz. Judith

Tessa said...

I am categorie B. Thanks for the chance to win. I email you now
hugs Tessa & Anke

Kristin said...

Wow, what a great candy! Thanks for the chance to win! I've got the Magazine, but only in Swedish. I've posted a picture of your candy on my blog, I've sendt you an e-mail answering the questions and I've becomed a follower.

I'm in category B, living in Norway.

Aartje said...

Hello Ying, Here a note from Holland. Your artikel in Magnolia INk is also in de Dutch version. I love to read it.
The answers I will send you by email. I'll be come a follower later because blogger don't allow me now.
I'm from category B. I have already post you on my blog.
Love Aartje

Aartje said...

Yes, on my Ipad blogger allowed me to be your follower.
Love Aartje


Ugghh Don't have the new magnolia hoo, but it is lovely grand candy...Hugs! Leah Ann Someone is going to be very happy :O)

crystal charm creations said...

Thank you for the chance- Im in Cat b id love to win your candy
thank you- I have linked you to my blog

Rea said...

Hello Ying, I am a new follower, would love to win, I am from category A. Off to email you now. Thanks for the chance to win. Nice interview by the way, and I love your creations.

Heike said...

Hi Ying, i'm a big fan from your Blog and i'm alread a follwer. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar.

I would like to win one of those! I'm catergorie B, as I live in Germany. I send you the answers of the questions by email rightaway.

Hugs from Germany

Butterfly dream scalloped Tag

arjette said...

What a lovely way of giving away a candy!!! I just emailed you with my answers, I already am a follower and I will post this candy on my blog. Oh and I'm category B.

gr. arjette.

Jezz79 said...

Lovely candy!! I am a follower, emailed you the answers, and I´m a B!!!


Eva Ng said...

Hi Ying. I'm from KL, Malaysia. (category C) I have just email you my answer & I wish I can win one of the items. A follower too. I posted about your blog candy giveaway in my blog. Visit my blog ya. Thanks.